Jimmy Case 

Jim Case inducts Loretta Lynn into the Southern Legends Hall Of Fame and
also presents her with a plaque commemorating
the 41
st Anniversary of their European tour to Germany and France in 1965


June 14, 2006

Portland’s Jim Case, presented Loretta Lynn with a plaque at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee on May 27th, commemorating  the 41st Anniversary of their European tour to Germany and France in 1965. Case, owner of Ace Productions and AARON Records, also inducted Loretta into the Southern Legends Hall Of Fame.

Widmarc Clark, a long time friend of Case, started Southern Legends Hall of Fame, an Internet web site. He and Case have inducted countless music stars including local favorite Ronnie McDowell since it was established in 2004.

Case was the first to be inducted into the Southern Legends Hall of Fame. The site containing a list of the 2005 and 2006 inductees can be viewed at Southern Legends Hall Of Fame.

Case said that Lynn was happy to receive the plaque and recognition.

“The presentation was a total surprise and Loretta was thrilled,” said Case.

The Southern Legends framed certificate reads: "For lifetime promotion, contribution, indelible goodwill to Southern originating music and it's heritage, LORETTA LYNN is hereby officially inducted into the Southern Legends Entertainment and Performing Arts Hall Of Fame , May 27, 2006 signed by Widmarc Clark".

Case said the two caught up on old times and that Lynn still jokes to this day that Case nearly killed her during the tour in which they performed 38 shows in 17 days.

The inscription on the plaque reads:

"Presented to Loretta Lynn to commemorate the 41st anniversary of our tour to Germany and France in June and July 1965 to entertain U.S. Military troops and their families. Loretta Lynn and Jimmy Case & The Cherokees performed 38 shows in 17 days.

The standing ovations you received were a clear indication of a job well done. You had “It” then and you still have “It” now! You are a world treasure. With love and best wishes always, Jimmy Case."

Jimmy Case & The Cherokees toured all over the world and in June of 1965, was scheduled to tour U.S. Military Bases in Germany and France.

Case said he wanted another act to go with them and he chose Loretta Lynn. At the time, her song, “Blue Kentucky Girl” reached #7 in the charts and stayed there for 18 weeks.


Jimmy Case was born on July 17, 1928 on Drayton Mill village in Spartanburg, SC. He was the first born of five children. From the first time he heard Smiley & Kitty Wilson, Jimmie Rodgers, Don Reno & Red Smiley, and other hillbilly singers on the radio, he knew then that he wanted to  play country music and be an entertainer. 

      He bought his first guitar for $4.95 at a local pawn shop paying fifty cents down and  fifty cents a week by picking cotton and doing farm work till it was paid for. His aunt, Emma Mathew and his uncle, Tom Frady, taught him a few chords and how to play. Jimmy played with numerous fiddle players and other musicians around the area for square and round dances. 

      In May of 1946 he answered the call to serve his country and joined the US Navy for two years. His first duty station after basic training at Bainbridge Naval Training Center, Baltimore, MD was at the US Naval Air Station in Millington, Tennessee. While stationed there he contacted his late friend Shorty Boyd, who played fiddle for Pee Wee King & The Golden West Cowboys on the Grand Ole Opry, and got cleared to go back stage in June 1947 at the Ryman Auditorium. "I thought I had died and gone to heaven seeing all those stars for the first time", grins Jimmy. 

      A year later he was transferred to Norfolk, VA where he was assigned to the largest aircraft carrier in the fleet at that time, the USS Midway CVB 41. While making the cruise to the North Atlantic, Africa, Malta, Gibraltar, Italy, and France he formed his very first band, "The Hickory Holler Hardheads", and entertained his shipmates when time permitted and he wasn't too busy refueling fighter planes on the flight deck.

      Honorably discharged after completing his two years service, Jimmy Case returned to his hometown of Greenville, SC and worked at various jobs and playing music when and where he could with his late friend;  magician, ventriloquist, accordion player, and singer, Jackie King. Jimmy says, "Jackie was a super entertainer and he could hold any crowd in the palm of his hands. I learned a lot from him, he was my teacher, my mentor, my inspiration, and most of all I loved him like a brother". 

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